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The following information is for Students. Please contact our office for assistance with any questions or problems you may have.

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There are various secondary education programs and options available to students in our district.

Congressman Cohen with Members of the Black Student Association at the University of Memphis

Our younger constituents are the future of our district and providing them information that can enhance their education is important to their development. Below are some resources that will be useful to kids.

During his 24 years in the Tennessee State Senate, Congressman Cohen fought tirelessly for an education lottery in Tennessee.  In fact, he has often been referred to as the father of the Tennessee Lottery.


Since the inception of the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship program in 2004, over $2.7 billion has gone to students continuing their education at the college level. As a State Senator, Congressman Cohen fought for nearly twenty years before the State Lottery was established. Countless students have benefited from Congressman Cohen's tireless efforts to provide Tennesseans with access to affordable, quality, post-secondary education. 

In addition, there are resources for parents.

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