Congressman Cohen: Congress Making Progress

August 3, 2007
Floor Statements
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Mr. Speaker, the 110th Congress came into action with the mandate from the American people to change the way business is done in Washington, and they wanted action on policies. They want action on policies that affect their everyday lives; and this Congress gave it to them with a minimum wage increase for the first time in a decade, with an ethics bill that helps drain the swamp and change the way we do business with lobbyists and make this truly the people's House.

We also did it with the CHAMP bill that gives 6 million more children insurance and gives doctors the reimbursement they deserve, and seniors and people with disability the opportunity for health care.

We passed ethics reforms. We have done things to make this House better.

One thing the President and the people want us to do is work together. They don't want dilatory tactics by either side, and we have seen them, and the people on the other side know they have engaged in them. We need to have order in this House, respect for this House, and respect for the American people.