Congressman Cohen To President Bush: September Won't Bring Progress in Iraq

June 27, 2007
Floor Statements
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Washington, DC -- Madam Speaker, conditions on the ground in Iraq are not getting any better. In fact, things are getting worse.

During a 48-hour period last week, 14 of our soldiers were killed, and then over the weekend another eight were killed in one day. April and May were two of the most violent months for our troops since the beginning of the war. It is clear the President's troop surge or escalation plan is not working. In fact, last week General David Petraeus acknowledged there would not be any significant improvements in Iraq by September.

Why is that significant? Because that's when President Bush said we would be able to see if the plan was working. The fact is we won't know in September because it's not working, according to the President's own general.

Then this week, two respected Republican Senators, Senator Lugar and Senator Voinovich, said the current policy is not working and a significant change is needed. The comments of these Senators, coupled with those of General Petraeus, should serve as a wake-up call to congressional Republicans. Join us in ending this war, bringing our troops home, and saving America's face.