Congressman Cohen Rises in Support of the CHAMP Act

August 1, 2007
Floor Statements
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Mr. Speaker, I am astonished at what I have heard from the other side of the aisle: disingenuous talk about great deficit; the deficit caused by the Republican majority's work or lack of work over the last 12 years; giving tax breaks to the rich while sending our troops to a war that has cost us half a trillion dollars and approaching a trillion dollars. That is where the deficit has come from, and this disingenuous talk is shocking to hear.

And the admission that they are against giving children of middle-class families health care. The Republican party, Mr. Speaker, used to say they cared about the middle class. Now they say they don't want to give health benefits to their children. That is amazing. And doctors, who used to be one of their main interest groups, would get reimbursement that they are entitled so that they can continue to participate in Medicare under this plan, and they oppose that.

I would ask you to look at the wall and Daniel Webster, who says, engraved in stone here: Do something of monumental proportions. Do something that generations will remember, something great.

That is what this bill will do. I am happy to be here in support of the CHAMP bill. Hubert Humphrey was a champion of children, and I am happy to stand here for him.