Congressman Cohen Supports Fairness in Pay

July 30, 2007
Floor Statements
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Mr. Speaker, it's my privilege and honor to speak on behalf of this bill.

The New York Times and many of the other leading publications of this country has said this is something that this Congress needs to do to correct an inequity, a wrong. When there's a wrong in law, there's always a right; and when it's not one that the courts have righted, it's the duty of the legislative body to right it if it's something that's in the public good.

Indeed, when there's discrimination in the workplace in pay and disparity, as there has been for years with women, for years we've known 69 cents is what a woman earns for every dollar, and when women are discriminated against doing the same job as a male, it's wrong and it needs to be changed.

And so I think this legislation is appropriately brought before us to correct a wrong when the courts didn't, and I'm pleased to speak on behalf of it. I will be pleased to vote for it, and I am thankful that Mr. Miller and Mr. McGovern brought this and thank them for bringing it to the House of Representatives.