Congressman Cohen Supports Morally Responsible DEA Policy

July 26, 2007
Floor Statements
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Mr. Speaker, last night, this House had a proposal before it to prohibit the DEA from enforcing Federal laws on medical marijuana patients in the 12 States where the public has legalized medical marijuana. Unfortunately, it failed.

I voted for the proposal. Why did I vote for the proposal? Yes, I'm compassionate about people who have multiple sclerosis and AIDS and cancer who can benefit, Parkinson's disease and glaucoma who can benefit from medical marijuana. Yes, I voted for it because I believe in States' rights and I believe in Justice Brandeis and the laboratories of democracy and to see how things work in other States and be able to adjust and see how they should work in other States, but also because I believe the DEA shouldn't be busting medical marijuana houses and stores in Los Angeles. They should be working in my community to eliminate and eradicate methamphetamine, crack and other drugs that are ravaging my community and causing a crime problem in Memphis, Tennessee, and throughout this country.

The DEA has not been effective at controlling the war on drugs. We need to win it. I would like that to happen.