Congressman Cohen Applauds TVA Reversal on Outsourcing Jobs

August 6, 2020
Press Release
Says shipping jobs overseas during a global pandemic should never have been considered in the first place

WASHINGTON – Congressman Steve Cohen (TN-09) today applauded the reversal by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) on its decision to outsource 108 Information Technology (I.T.) jobs. However, he expressed concern that TVA leadership only recognized the need to protect Tennessee jobs after Trump fired the Chair of the TVA on Tuesday. Congressman Cohen condemned the TVA’s decision to outsource these jobs when the plans were first announced, and to prevent this from taking place, he sent a letter in May to House Leadership calling for a ban on the outsourcing of federal jobs during national emergencies. 

Congressman Cohen made the following statement:

“I am pleased that the TVA has decided not to outsource these well-paying jobs as Tennessee struggles through this difficult time. However, it is extremely concerning that it took the firing of the TVA Chair for TVA leadership to understand the devastating consequences of shipping jobs abroad during a global pandemic. As our nation faces unprecedented health and economic crises, we need to protect Tennessee workers. The TVA should never have considered outsourcing these jobs in the first place.”