Congressman Cohen Hails West Tennessee Role in Boosting Electronic Vehicle Manufacturing and Use

November 17, 2021
Press Release
As President Biden tours GM plant in Detroit, Cohen notes Ford’s $5.6 billion EV investment just outside Greater Memphis

WASHINGTON – As President Joe Biden touted the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act he signed into law on Monday with a tour earlier today of a General Motors plant in Detroit devoted to electric vehicles, Congressman Steve Cohen, a senior member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, noted that Ford Motor Company’s “Blue Oval City” investment in batteries and electric vehicles will transform the industry in West Tennessee. 

Congressman Cohen made the following statement: 

“I was proud to vote for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which will allocate billions to the electric charging infrastructure and significantly impact vehicle manufacturing in West Tennessee and nationwide. President Biden can claim credit for signing into law the most transformational infrastructure bill in a generation. What it means for West Tennessee, above all else, is jobs: an estimated 6,000 new, prevailing-wage jobs in a future-oriented industry that is sure to grow. The battery plant and the vehicle manufacturing operation are sure to spin off related support facilities in our region while strengthening the local economy and our role as an innovation center.” 

The $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act includes $550 billion in new federal investment in America’s roads and bridges, water infrastructure, resilience, internet, and more. It makes the largest investment in public transit, passenger rail, clean drinking water and waste water infrastructure and clean energy transmission and electric vehicle infrastructure in American history. It also makes the single largest dedicated bridge investment since the construction of the interstate highway system.