Congressman Cohen is Pleased that Biden has Won

November 7, 2020
Press Release
Historic moment makes first woman of color vice president-elect

MEMPHIS – Congressman Cohen (TN-09) is pleased to see that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won the required Electoral College votes to become President and Vice President, and made the following statement:

“I am very pleased that the Biden-Harris ticket has more than enough Electoral College votes to become President and Vice President of the United States. I know Joe Biden. He’s down to earth and genuinely concerned about the future of America, and he’s the right person at the right time for our country. He will work to bring us together and make America respected again throughout the world, where he will restore frayed alliances. This is a great day for America and an opportunity to put the past divisiveness behind us and move forward with unity for the American people.

“The victory of Vice President-elect Harris gives hope and pride to all women, particularly African American and Asian-American women. This is an historic moment when a minority woman has been elected Vice President. I know Kamala Harris and know how smart and dedicated she is. She will be a great Vice President.”