Congressman Cohen Rejects Trump Claims of Border “Crisis”

January 8, 2019
Press Release
Says border security does not require a $5.7 billion wall

WASHINGTON – Congressman Steve Cohen (TN-09) watched President Trump’s speech about the security of our southern border with Mexico tonight and made the following statement:

“President Trump showed us tonight that his reality and most Americans’ reality are at odds. Fearmongering about the security of our borders does not create a crisis, and few beyond his core acolytes will accept that the country needs to spend $5.7 billion to build an ineffective wall to keep asylum seekers out. There are modern ways that are much more effective and economical in detecting border crossings and the flow of drugs, including drones and other technologies. What’s also needed is funding for more border patrol agents. I voted last week and will again this week to pass Republican-drafted, bipartisan bills to end the shutdown. Let’s reopen the government and discuss real border security with 800,000 furloughed and unpaid federal workers back on the job.”