Congressman Cohen Remembers the 58th Anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s Assassination

November 22, 2021
Press Release
Asks President Biden to expedite release of President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Act documents


MEMPHIS – On today’s 58th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Congressman Steve Cohen (TN-09) remembered that terrible day and released a letter on assassination records that he recently sent to President Biden. He made the following statement:

“I have long been concerned that the harm done in not releasing these records is greater than any harm their revelations would cause. Denial of a full accounting of what happened on that terrible day allows conspiracy theories to fester. Whatever information the still-secret documents might do to harm the reputation of the FBI, CIA, the Dallas Police Department, and others, is necessary for a credible historical record. After 58 years, those involved are gone and the ‘sources and methods’ of our intelligence agencies from those days are ancient and surely known to the Russians, the Cubans and every other government.

“I intend to stay on this issue until it is resolved. Those of us who lived through this American tragedy and the sorrowful days that followed deserve to know what happened to our President before we, too, are gone.”

Congressman Cohen and Congresswoman Anna Eshoo led a letter to President Biden on November 3 expressing concern over postponement of the release of documents under the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Act of 1992. The letter was also signed by Representatives Jamie Raskin of Maryland and James P. McGovern of Massachusetts.  Congressman Cohen has been seeking release of the records since he came to Congress in 2007.

See the letter to President Biden here.