Congressman Cohen Urges Colleagues to “Build Back Better” in House Floor Speech

August 24, 2021
Press Release
Votes expected on critical measures later today

WASHINGTON – Congressman Steve Cohen (TN-09), a senior member of the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, spoke from the House floor this afternoon to urge passage of major infrastructure legislation. The House was called back to Washington on Monday, but a vote on a rule to consider the measure, as well as the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Budget Resolution, had to be delayed.

In his floor speech, Congressman Cohen said:

“We were here till about 12:15 this morning trying to work out the votes for a rule to move America forward. I hope we have them. We’ll find out soon. We’re trying to get the Build Back Better bill passed, the resolution to provide the opportunity for us to have that bill come forward and the infrastructure bill as well. They’ll provide for needed infrastructure for American companies, businesses and families – child care tax credits will be made permanent, prescription drug prices will be reduced, water lines improved and corrected, wastewater, which was so inadequate in Tennessee where we had dozens die because of floods.

“I’m hoping we’ll get this passed. It’s important business and I thank Speaker Pelosi and Leader Hoyer for their long hours and their work to try to build back America better.”

See the entire speech here.