Congressman Cohen Urges State Redistricting Committee to Include All of Memphis in One Congressional District

January 10, 2022
Press Release
Cites benefit of preserving “shared needs and values” of each community

MEMPHIS – Congressman Steve Cohen (TN-09) today wrote to state Representative Curtis Johnson, chairman of the House Select Committee on Redistricting, urging the Committee to focus on the “shared needs and values of constituents within each community,” and include the entirety of Memphis in a single compact and contiguous congressional district.

Congressman Cohen’s letter reads in part:

“I have long advocated both as a State Senator and in the House of Representatives for curbing partisan gerrymandering and restoring public confidence in government through redistricting by emphasizing geographical contiguity, compactness, preservation of communities of interest, and consistency with other political lines rather than mere political affiliation. Ten years ago, I advocated for the city of Memphis to remain in the 9th Congressional District. Although a portion
of Memphis was drawn into the 8th District at that time, it is my hope that the city would suffer from no more splintering in this redistricting cycle.

“Being a lifelong Memphian and representing the 9th Congressional District since 2007, I believe that my community and constituents would be best served by remaining in a geographically contiguous, compact district that respects the community of interest and political boundaries of the City of Memphis. I have heard this desire expressed directly from my constituents often and consistently. As a major city, Memphis is a highly interconnected community that is best served when its citizens are treated and function as such.”

See the entire letter here.