Congressman Cohen Urges Vaccinations in House Floor Speech

August 23, 2021
Press Release
Unvaccinated radio host and Memphis football star have passed

WASHINGTON – Congressman Steve Cohen (TN-09) delivered brief remarks from the House floor this evening, urging everyone eligible for a coronavirus vaccination to get one. He noted that conservative radio talk show host Phil Valentine and Memphis football star Danton Barto, have passed in recent days, unvaccinated, but urging others to get the shots.

In his remarks, Congressman Cohen said:

“The coronavirus has gotten to levels in Memphis not seen since last January. It’s dangerous. Fortunately, today the Pfizer vaccine was given final, full approval by the FDA for all people 16 and over. This weekend, Phil Valentine, a conservative radio host in Nashville, passed away. Also, one of the greatest football players in Memphis history, Danton Barto, 50 years of age, passed away. Both passed because they got Covid. Neither had the vaccine. Both said toward the end of their lives they wished they had encouraged everyone to get the vaccine.

“I ask you: Please get the vaccine. Let America continue its activities and its culture and lifestyles as we’ve known them in the past.”

See the entire floor speech here.