Congressmen Cohen, Cooper, Burchett, Rose and Kustoff Introduce SONG ACT

July 9, 2019
Press Release
Bipartisan bill would protect concerts and other events with temporary flight restrictions

WASHINGTON – Congressmen Steve Cohen, Jim Cooper, Tim Burchett, John Rose and David Kustoff of Tennessee today introduced the bipartisan Stadiums Operating under New Guidance (SONG) Act which would give the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) the authority to issue Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) for concerts and other events held at stadiums across the country. 


The FAA currently has the authority to issue TFRs for major sporting events held at stadiums but the authority is limited to sporting events held in stadiums, not other types of large-audience events. When a music concert is held in the very same stadium, often with the same size or a bigger crowd, the air space cannot be secured by a TFR.   


Congressman Cohen made the following statement: 


Fans from around the world flock to places like Memphis and Nashville to experience the music and catch a glimpse of the life lived by music legends.  Keeping spectators safe in public gatherings of large numbers of people for any kind of event just makes sense, and this bill simply gives the FAA authority to restrict air space when it considers it necessary.”


Congressman Cooper made the following statement: 


“Did you know the FAA can restrict flights over stadiums during sporting events but not concerts? I think Nashvillians agree if drones or small planes aren’t allowed to fly over Nissan Stadium during a Titans game, then they shouldn’t be permitted during a Taylor Swift or Thomas Rhett concert either. The SONG Act will give the FAA the power it needs to protect all of our events. Congress needs to quickly pass it.”  


Congressman Burchett made the following statement: 


“Major athletic events are a big part of life in East Tennessee, and when athletic facilities aren’t being used, they’re often playing host to various concerts and other entertainment events that are open to the public. Allowing the FAA to clear the airspace above these non-athletic events just makes sense and will help keep attendees safe.” 


Congressman Rose made the following statement: 


“Tennessee’s music is known around the world. Every year we welcome countless tourists to enjoy our state’s world-class entertainment. Just as athletic events have brought people together and boosted Tennessee’s tourism revenue, music and other forms of entertainment have done the same. It’s time to allow the FAA to consider concert goers’ safety under the same provisions as those afforded athletic events’ attendees.” 


Congressman Kustoff made the following statement: 


“Securing the air around big entertainment venues is just as important as securing the ground space. West Tennesseans should be able to enjoy concerts and other entertainment events without worrying about their safety. The SONG Act is a reasonable bill that will give FAA the authority to clear the airspace above these events, ensuring the safety of all Americans. I look forward to getting this bill moving in Congress.”  


The Country Music Association has endorsed the SONG Act. See its statement here: 


“The safety of our fans and artists will always be our utmost concern.  We are delighted that Representatives Cohen, Burchett, Cooper, Rose and Kustoff are working to allow the FAA to extend the airspace restrictions currently available during live sporting events to also cover large live music events. We believe the safety of music fans is just as critical as that of sports fans.  The CMA is grateful for their support.”