Congressman Steve Cohen

Representing the 9th District of Tennessee

Congressman Cohen Announces that Seniors, Vets to Receive $250 Checks

May 6, 2009
Press Release

“When we were formulating the stimulus package, our biggest priority was to put money into the hands of people who needed it most and get it back into the economy as quickly as possible,” said Congressman Cohen.  “These stimulus payments to seniors, disabled veterans and SSI recipients do just that. Combined with the middle class tax cut that is part of the recovery package, we’re putting more money where it does the most good: in the pockets of millions of Americans.”

Payments to Social Security and SSI recipients will start going out this week and be mailed out in batches over a four-week period.  Later this month, similar $250 payments will go out to Railroad Retirement Board beneficiaries, followed by Veteran Compensation and Pension beneficiaries in June.

“If you receive benefits under one of these programs, you can expect a check for $250,” Congressman Cohen explained.  “If you’re eligible, the check will come to you automatically.  You don’t have to do anything to apply.” 

To receive the payments, beneficiaries needed to be eligible for benefits during November 2008, December 2008 or January 2009.  Individuals receiving payments from more than one of these agencies are eligible for only one payment of $250.

If by June 4 you have not received a payment and you think you should have, contact the Social Security office at (901) 746-6409.

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