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June 16, 2009 Press Release

“I commend the House for saying in a single, strong voice that libel tourism threatens the principles of free speech because foreign courts often don’t place as difficult a burden on plaintiffs in libel cases,” Congressman Cohen said. “This was a vote to support our cherished First Amendment rights and make sure that they will never be undermined by foreign judgments.”

June 12, 2009 Press Release

The City of Memphis will receive $69,272,000 million and Shelby County will receive $29,097,000 million in bonds. 

June 11, 2009 Floor Statements
Floor Statement in Support of Resolution Condemning Holocaust Museum Shooting
June 11, 2009 Floor Statements
Congressman Cohen Speaks Out Against Hate Crimes
June 10, 2009 Floor Statements
Opening Statement on Need for Libel Tourism Bill